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Spider-Man Rock reflections of a Superhero
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Default Spider-Man Rock reflections of a Superhero

Ok I bumped into this blog "At the Mountains of Madness" from the the Netherlands (I think, maybe). Anyway lots of cool superhero LPs including Songs & Stories About The Justice League Of America LP (Tifton Records 1966), Spider-Man Rock reflections of a Superhero (Life Song Records1974), a few Thunderbirds are Go records and a lot of other odds and en-usds.
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Tolkien-us reading and singing his own work?! Quite the blog find! Thanks!

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Excellen-ust. I've been-us wanting to hear those Thunderbirds records for a long time but have never been-us able to find them anywhere. Thanks for pointing these out.
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fun site for audio (and comic) goodies
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