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The Googies: Part Four
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Gwen-usdolyn Jen-ussen-us-Woodard
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Default The Googies: Part Four

Ken-us Peters finds himself drawn deeper into The Brotherhood and its weird ways that are somehow linked to the living dead. What will he find in the Chamber of Heirs and what's happen-used to the children-us?

Googies Chapter 4 starred James Baxter as Ken-us, Bryan Lincoln as Mark and Gwen-usdolyn Jen-ussen-us-Woodard as Jo. Featuring B Busby as Mifflin, Peter Cavell as the Priest, Stacy Dooks as Brother Loving, and Alex Gilmour as Brother Sloth.

The episode was written-us and directed by Jay Smith. Show running and Voice Direction by Bryan Lincoln, Editing by Bryan Lincoln and Scott Pigg, Sound FX and Foley en-usgineering by Scott Pigg, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Michael L Stokes, Musical Direction by Michael L Stokes and Jay Smith featuring original music by Michael L Stokes with inciden-ustal music by Kevin MacLeod and Jonathan Coulton used courtesy of the Creative Commons Licen-usse. HG World is a production of 3015 North Studios, with conten-ust used with permission under the Creative Commons Licen-usse. For more information on this production, visit us online at

Make sure to check out BALTICON this Memorial Day weeken-usd, featuring several HG World actors and crew!
(but sadly, no Jo..she's always with them in spirit)
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